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English is not our native language. But because of our english speaking friends and all the people we met on the road we will try to translate. We do our best so please be patient. :)

Adventure starts where plans end.
Winter is coming in Canada and we´ve been here since over one month. Banff wasn’t originally our plan, but plans change right?!

In summer we started looking for a job for the winter season. And actually we got one quite quick in a Hotel in Sun Peaks (Kamloops). The only problem was the accommodation. Staff housing was full and we couldn’t find anything cheap in the area. I mean we were on the road the whole time, so we kinda forgot about that teeny tiny problem. So what now?

3 friends (Sophie, Rose and Danielle) we met in the summer at our workaway at the REO Raftingresort were living in Banff by now and we liked Banff a lot when we drove through this town 6 month ago and the Nationalpark is just beautiful… So why not?! Without a job and no plan we decided to hit the road, 1000km from Squamish to Banff.

Banff Nationalpark is one of the oldest National Parks in the world and attracts more than 3 mill tourists year round. And many tourists = many jobs right?!

The first few days we stayed at Sophies couch and luckily she could get us an interview for housekeeping at her hotel. Nothing beats to have the right friends in the right places.
The interview went really well and they even have staff housing. Problem solved.

And to celebrate our success we decided to go camping to explore the neighborhood. You could say Danielle was our unofficial tour guide. Perfect for us she loves to research and thats how we learned a lot about the area. The rivers, mountains and lakes are just stunning. Jasper and Banff Nationalpark is what impressed us the most on our big adventure. The versatility landscapes is really breathtaking. Don’t miss to take a look at the gallery.

Camping in winter is maybe not the best idea, but we survived a stormy and cold night and were rewarded with a unique sunrise.

The time is running.
Work takes a lot of our time and because is freaking cold since almost 3 weeks (like -30°C) we don’t spent too much time outside. We went to Calgary a few times already and could spend a few days there.

But what we insist on doing is of course skiing in the Rocky Mountains. We waited a long time for that.
There are things in life you have to do at least once. And on our bucket list is „skiing in the Rockys“. And the good thing is we have a whole season. There are 3 ski resorts near Banff and a lot of kilometers we have to explore.

If there is a place that we want you to explore, then its this one.
We plan to stay here in Banff for the next few month. So if you need a place to crash, we have a couch just waiting for you. ;-)
But who knows… the next adventure is probably waiting for us…
More photos here .

Jana und Leni