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Long time no see

English is not our native language. But because of our english speaking friends and all the people we met on the road we will try to translate. We do our best so please be patient. :)

Time is just flying by.
This week at camp we are already going into round 3 and we arrived on Vancouver Island 7 weeks ago. The days here are filled with working mostly, so there is not much time for much else, for example our travelblog.
Besides that, we had to say goodbye to Jana’s MacBook for a while, it looked like he could use a break. But now he is back and ready for work.

Here you find some impressions of our work and everything else. From time to time we are going to update this gallery with new pictures and of course a new video is coming soon.
So swing by from time to time and check out our Instagram. There we upload photos almost every day.

Jana und Leni