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Walk down memory lane

When someone is on a big trip like us, it’s easy to focus just on the vacation part. But when you start working at some point, you realize that it’s not just holiday and traveling. Especially because we have a job right now, we miss traveling, but a work and travel year it is.
If you want to know more about our current work, then you can find it here on our blogpost about Qwanoes. A video is coming soon in the next few days.
But if you miss traveling like us at the moment, you can find different possibilities to keep the wanderlust at bay.

Make use of your days off
Since we are working for about 12 h a day, we try to make the best of everyday we get. For example we go to Victoria (here) or we take other short trips. Just to get out of the daily routine so that it feels a little bit more like a holiday.

Make new plans
Another possibility is to look for new travel destinations and new ideas. Maybe make a slight detour to South America. You can plan new trips for hours and hours. Of course we are going to let you know, if its going to be just theory or not. ;-)

Take a trip down memory lane
And think about your previous trips. There is nothing better than looking at old pictures and revive old travel stories and because we already traveled a lot together, we thought of sharing our top travel destinations from the last few years.

USA Eastcoast
In 2010 we traveled for one month around the east of the US. We were incredibly lucky to be with Windy, Anita and family. They took us to many places like Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, Niagara Falls, New York and many more. An absolute highlight.

Northern Ireland
Since I (Leni) studied a semester in Belfast (Northern Ireland), I thought it would be a great idea to get Jana a plane ticket for christmas. Together we had incredible days in Belfast and its surrounding areas. Belfast is worth a visit and one of our insider suggestions.

What more do we have to say? All roads lead to Rome. If you haven't seen Rome yet, you should. We got around to all the landmarks in just 4 hours and floated through the eternal city afterwards.

When it comes to booking the cheapest flights, Jana is your woman… and unbeatable. And thats how we and some friends just paid 80Euros for our flight and hotel. To say it in Janas words: Milan is nice, has a big cathedral and is expensive.

Just around the corner, just a few hours away (from Germany), is our personal favourite for all those who like beautiful cities, beautiful beaches, beautiful stores and short car trips. Netherlands offers everything your travel heart could wish for and not only in the summertime. And even better (cheaper), if you have friends who own a beach cottage ;-)

Here you find more pictures of our previous top-destinations. Thats how you quench your wanderlust for the moment. But it is good to know, that the next adventure is waiting for us.

Jana und Leni