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English is not our native language. But because of our english speaking friends and all the people we met on the road we will try to translate. We do our best so please be patient. :)

Just a stone´s throw away from cuba (1:05h by plane) to Mexico. Thats why we thought once we are in this area we should stop there as well.
We hear a lot about Mexico these past few month especially because of all Trump situation and the wall thing… Also its one of the Americans favorite vacation spots. Cheap, beautiful sandy beaches and now during Spring Break just a few hours away. But Mexico offers so much more and because we just booked 5 days we couldn’t explore all of it.

Thats why we had to keep our ToDo list to a limit. We wanted a cheap accommodation right at the beach, still close to the city centre and not too far from the airport and easy access to the interesting sights and places. Thats why we decided to go to Cancun. Cancun is located in the south east of Mexico and is definitely a tourist city.

To not be totally surrounded of tourists we decided to stay in a Kiteboarding B&B a little bit outside the Hotel area, which was a bit better for our wallet and we could dive a little bit more in to the „real“ mexican life.

To be a little bit independent we rented a car at the airport. At the beginning just for two days but at the end we just got too used to it that we decided to keep it till the end.

If you are wondering - thats how we plan things: Jana looks for the destination and searches for flights and accommodation. She mostly just goes through flight portals for hours and hours. You could almost say thats its some kind of hobby by now. Thats how she definitely finds the cheapest and for us best offers for us. I´m more the go to for the activities on sight. For that i read lots of travelblogs and go through different forums (mostly pinterest)). But back to the main subject…

On our first day we wanted to see the Maya Ruins Chichen Itza. They were around 3h away. All travelblogs advised us to get there early to escape the bulks of tourists. But after an extensive breakfast and a stop at Starbucks (if you were in Cuba for quite some time you realize how dependent you are to some goodies. Like Wifi but also coffee togo) it was not as early as we planned. That said, we were late. It was noon when we got there and the line was long… sooooo long. We waited around 1 hour in the sun. So here our tip: Don´t just plan to be there early. Be there as soon as it opens.

Chichen Itzá is part of the Unesco World Heritage Site and was really impressive. Remains like these set off some kind of awe. Even if hundreds of tourists and mexican salesman swarm around you.

To cool off a little after the heat we visited the Cenote near by called Ik Kil. To say it with Wikipedia: “A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath.“ There are nearly 7000 Cenotes in Mexico. A lot of them open for tourists but also a few still undiscovered. Highly recommended to visit.

On our second day we planned a catamaran- and snorkel tour which we already booked though ecotourismo Cancun. It started around 10 am and we enjoyed the ride to Isla Mujeres with an early tequila sunrise (i mean we are in Mexico at Spring Break and the drinks were inclusive…).

Our Tourguide Jesus (convenient on Good-Friday) done his best keeping everyone in their best mood with booze and loud music. Just before the Island we went snorkeling. For me (Leni) a whole new thing. But that is what holidays are for. One of the best things i did lately.

On the bottom of the ocean we could see corrals and fishes but also a car and terracotta figures in the underwater museum „Musa“. After we landed on a private beach to have lunch (badly needed after all that tequila) and a break we went on to Isla Mujeres.

There we rented a golf cart (No worries the tequila was out of our system… hopefully…) to see the whole island. Its a small one and after we drove around the whole thing we continued on the catamaran to the last stop. We anchored somewhere and threw out a big sailcloth with a loop. Now with the help of the wind and the crew someone could sit in the loop and get carried by the wind almost 7m in the air. Normally not my kind of thing. But because i was bragging before that it would be no problem (that was the sun and the tequila speaking i guess) i couldn’t get out of this situation anymore. Literally a breathtaking adventure which i highly recommend. So the tour was a complete success.

The following day was a relaxing day. It was time to take care of our blog. For those of you who want to know how long that takes: Jana needs around 5-6 hours for a video. I take around 4 hours to write the posts and to choose the right photos. After that Jana need another 3-4 hours to adjust the photos and do the wordpress stuff. After a walk on the beach and Burger with fries (yeah not too mexican but who cares) the last full day in Mexico ended.

Because our flight departed in the evening (8 pm) we went to a big shopping mall to fill our full backpacks even more. Then it was time to return our rental car. By the way Jana says driving in Cancun was even worse than LA. The road system is a catastrophe and Mexicans just drive as they please. Oh and we got pulled over by the police. Like 5 minutes before the airport. We read a lot that you have to bribe them and stuff but we were too shy. But thankfully due to Janas markedly relationship to police officers all over the world he just let us go.

Now we are waiting for the next flight. We have a long way ahead of us.
From Cancun to Toronto and the to Peking because the next adventure is waiting.
More photos here .

Our cost for Mexico for 2 people:

flight 350 €
accomodation 220 €
food/drinks 150 €
car 200 €
catamarantour 170 €
stuff you buy to get rid of your remaining 150 €

all together for 2 people: 1240 €

Jana und Leni