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Lost - Nahatlatch River

English is not our native language. But because of our english speaking friends and all the people we met on the road we will try to translate. We do our best so please be patient. :)

It doesn’t seem possible that this is the right way. The path to our destination travels deeper and deeper into the canadian wilderness. Slowly we are getting concerned. Maybe it was not the best idea to work for a rafting resort, just because of an internet-ad ( - awesome page) almost at the end of the world for the next 10 days - and no, we don’t know how to raft, but a detail like this does not keep us from going - and yes, we know this sentence is weirdly long, but we didn’t know where to set the dot. ;-)

But back to the starting situation. We arrived in a small town called Boston Bar. In former times it was characterized by the gold rush. But these days all you’ll find is an old gas station with a car shop (more later), old shabby houses and a grocery store, where you can find almost everything and railways (more later). Boston Bar is a place you could expect from the movies - where bushes blow over the streets and old men sit in front of their houses and smoke their pipes. Unaware of the fact, that Boston Bar is only the next ´bigger´ town, we went deeper into the woods. After around 30 min over graveled roads finally we found our desired sign: REO Rafting Resort. We wanted an adventure, here it is!

The paperwork was done quickly. Canadians don’t waste time with unimportant stuff like that. 10 days volunteering work, housekeeping and what ever we are needed for, 5 hours a day, thats sounds pretty good. The question, if we want to go rafting, even better.
As it turned out, rafting means, 9 people in a boat (called raft), paddle like crazy and go down a rapid stream. The main goal is to stay in the raft (sitting on the very edge is not really helpful) and listening to the orders (forwards, backwards, get down, hold on, etc.) the guide is yelling in our direction. Altogether a great adrenalin kick and a lot of fun - recommendable.

Back in Camp we got dinner. After the guests are done, we can eat as much as we want from the big buffet. After 3 months at Qwanoes, the quality of food here at REO is exactly what we needed. Our new home is a big tent that we share with 3 other volunteers, right next to the river. After so much excitement we fell asleep very quickly with the help of the soothing sounds of the Nahatlatch river flowing almost right through our tent.

The first real workday was pretty chill. Doing some laundry and a little bit of cleaning. The following work days were slightly more intense due to a big guest group that would be staying over the coming weekend. We had to work a little bit more the next days in preparation for the large group, however we got some new experiences working in the canteen kitchen. Surprisingly not thaaaaat bad. But probably just because we could taste everything. ;-)

Something you forget quickly is that you are in the middle of nowhere and are not safe from animal surprises. When i (Leni) brought the garbage outside i stood face to face with a big black bear. I always smile at the saying `scared and numbed`, but then, when i stood 2 meters in front of the bear i couldn’t move. All the helpful tips and tricks were forgotten. I was just standing there and the bear seemed as surprised as i was. Finally the bear left after what felt like minutes, but probably was seconds. The excitement was big in camp after this. But for now no more incidents.

So the days passed . Everyday there was something to do and to discover. A rope swing over a cliff, lakes, mountains, rivers, a flat tyre - thats where the car shop came into play, more rafting trips, super long cargo trains (here the railways go for miles - we counted 172 wagons) and lots of super nice people from all over the world, like Australia, Chile, Brasil, Canada and UK.
REO Rafting Resort was a total highlight.
But now its time to move on, because the next big adventure is waiting…
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Jana und Leni