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English is not our native language. But because of our english speaking friends and all the people we met on the road we will try to translate. We do our best so please be patient. :)

Have you ever visited a place, where you had the feeling the time works differently? A new place, which feels like home immediately? A place like this is Qwanoes. But, lets start at the beginning.

Pretty much 50 years ago a few people cooperated and bought a piece of land. Somewhere between Victoria and Nanaimo, right next to the ocean. In the next few years one of the biggest christian summer camps was built. Every summer, more than 4000 kids come and experience a week of being a part of something big. They learn to leave their comfort zone at the challenge course or waterfront. They hear fascinating stories, go hiking, mountain biking or they skate in the Qwanoes-Skatepark. They hear about God and think about faith and religion. Beyond that they meet new friends their age and among the staff from all over the world.

When we heard about Qwanoes, we were hooked right away. We have the opportunity to help in the preparation before the camps start, to be involved in all the camp does, and get paid at the same time. ;-) Qwanoes seemed perfect for us and our expectations were even exceeded. We arrived almost 3 weeks ago and had time to settle in. We share a room with 4 other girls, which is definitely an adventure in itself. Every staff member lives in one house, so it’s always busy and never boring and you meet a lot of new friends.

We both work in different areas in Qwanoes. Jana is working in the “media” department and is filming every activity and helps also with the events. Leni is a counsellor, which means that she is living with the kids in a cabin and guides them for one week. Furthermore, there are a lot of tasks to be done. One day you have to work as a cleaner, the next a spotter on a boat, and the next you have to belay a kid from 80 feet high; while Jana films everything. The season starts in 1 week and up until then there is still a lot to do.

We don't know what to expect exactly, but the next adventure is coming soon… But in the meantime click here for more pictures!

Jana und Leni