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Hello, my name is Henry Kuhn and I am from Bethesda, Maryland, a city just outside Washington, DC.
Before Jana, Lena and Conor arrived at the ranch I had been there for about two weeks. They walked into the K Diamond K lodge a little before dinner. I hopped up to greet them, like I did for every guest and was pleasantly surprised when they told me they were new work-awayers here to help around the ranch.
We would go on to spend the next month working together and they would become some of the best friends I made since I left home.
Jana and Lena have asked me to write the English version about our experience at K Diamond K ranch, which is located in the tiny town of Republic, Washington. Republic, is home to only 900 people and is located in the northeast section of the state - pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Since there’s nowhere to go, most of the time is spent working at the ranch, so you better like the people you are working with because you’re going to get to know them quickly and you can’t avoid them.
Good thing we all hit it off.

One of the best parts of being at the ranch is listening to the stories that people tell. Whether it’s guests or other workers, everyone is from a unique place and has a unique story. When I first heard Jana, Lena, and Conor’s story, we were all sitting at the dinner table together and all I could think was, “This is crazy! I’m sitting at the same dinner table with people from three different continents!”
The work at the ranch is hard, long and chaotic. I had been at the ranch a little over two weeks and had only left the ranch one time. Working 7am to 9pm every day can be exhausting and when they arrived I was already starting to get burned out from getting my butt kicked by “farm life.” Each day went something like this: Wake up at 6:30, get to the kitchen by 7. Make/eat breakfast with guests from 7 to 9. Round up the horses while dishes were being done. Then have some sort of activity for the morning that we had to accomplish, for example splitting and stacking firewood or cleaning guests rooms were very popular activities while we were there. Make/eat lunch with guest and do more dishes. Have another activity to accomplish in the afternoon. Then make/eat dinner with the guests and do the dishes one more time. At all times of the day we had to entertain the guests to make sure that they were enjoying their stay. It was also very important to make everything look BEAUTIFUL! Our days were always jammed packed with events! We went to bed exhausted at 9pm and got up to do it all again the next day.

We all went through some really good times and some really hard times at the ranch, and we went through it together and were always there for each other. These international travelers were the pick-me-up I needed at the ranch. When I drove away from the ranch I was extremely upset because even though we went through some stressful situations we had a great time. I know that I wouldn’t have had as positive of an experience without these people.
In football, I was taught to leave something better than you found it and whether it was something simple as the creation of the “Wheelbarrow Dance” (as you can see in the video) or trying to set up some sort of structure at the ranch, I would say we left the ranch better than we found it.
We just can’t forget Mr. Floyd’s 7 P’s to success! Do you remember them?? Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

Because their thirst for adventure matches mine I’m sure this was just the first adventure of many for us! It doesn’t matter where it will be because we bring the good time with us wherever we are!
I miss you guys! Stay safe in your travels!
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