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English is not our native language. But because of our english speaking friends and all the people we met on the road we will try to translate. We do our best so please be patient. :)

Off we go, our car packed up to the roof.

First stop Jasper Nationalpark. But looks like our lucky streak should be over after about 100km. One big bang and there it was. A big crack in our windshield with lots of small ruptures. The anxiety was naturally big. That never happened to us before. But after a little bit of google and the a second and third opinion from our mutual car-pros we decided to slightly ignore the problem.
But it was harder to ignore the problem of the missing outer tent, which we just couldn´t find anywhere. The campground is located south of Jasper in the middle of the national park. Maybe we have to add that we saw our first wild living bear a few kilometers near the campground. And there we were in the middle of the woods, eating cheap noodle soup, next to our poorly built tent and all around us nothing but forest, mountains, wild rivers and even more wilder animals. In an interesting way it was a good feeling.

Unfortunately this high feeling was bummed down. To say it with Jana's words: with the worst night of her life. It was really freezing cold and the variety of sounds around the tent were surely not helping to get some relaxed sleep. At 8 o clock we already sat in our packed car on our way to Banff.

Banff is a famous ski resort, which is located in the same-named national park. Surrounded by gorgeous Mountains and Lakes, its equally good for the summer time. But we were there on business. After our time on Vancouver Island we would like to get a job in Banff, so we already caught up on some opportunities. But there was even some time for a small hike, which started with awesome weather and ended in a huge rainstorm. But we could already breathe in some summit air.

From Banff we continued further to Tsawwassen, where the ferry crossed over to Vancouver Island. After one night in our little car we took off. It was really an awesome ferry trip. You can se the versatileness of canada.

After a quick stop in Victoria and a little break along the ocean we arrived at our destination. - Qwanoes summer camp. We are going to live and work here for the next 3 month, because the next adventure is waiting.
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Jana und Leni