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From Sea to Sky

Vancouver - Squamish - Whistler

Our west coast trip is not completely over yet. After another night in Portland we went to Seattle and to Republic, a small town in Washington State. We worked on a real Cowboyranch and lived the Ranchlife for a few weeks. We will upload a whole blogpost about this time shortly.

After those 3 weeks on the ranch it was time to head back to Canada. From Republic we went to Chilliwack and finally Squamish. Squamish is located on the west coast of Canada right between Vancouver and Whistler. Two places we definitely wanted to see.

Luckily we found a accommodation through workaway(.info) which is always the perfect compromise between cheap housing and a few hours of work a day. We stayed in a really nice hostel which was super organized (Squamish Adventure Inn - definitely recommended). They had creative and fun tasks for us. Jana could finally work in her profession as a graphics designer again and I could have a try as a hotelroom-photographer (with Jana`s help of course). You can admire our results at their homepage (

Finally we had time to visit Vancouver. We passed through Vancouver around 3-4 times already but never stopped. Okay…. I think its time to make a little confession… We both are not the biggest City-tourists. We just don’t get that much out of it. Citys in North America are all kind of similar. Vancouver definitely gets the sea bonus. And it is nice to walk on the boardwalk and see the skyline… if the weather is nice… But we had rain… pouring rain. You just can’t always be lucky right!?

Like every tourist we trudge around all the important sights. But we also try to find interesting facts about the area (Pinterest is always really helpful). Thats why we didn’t pay 40$ to visit the famous capilano suspension bridge but see a similar slightly smaller one which is free and not that busy.

We parked a little bit outside of downtown Vancouver- for free. We walked into town (also for free but quite a way). When the weather is nice it would have been a good idea to rent a bike or go by bus if you are not as tight as we are. Altogether we walked around 15km (more than 9 miles).
We explored the nice boardwalk in Stanley Park (tried to ignore the bad weather) and like all tourists took a photo of the totem poles.

Seeing Vancouver is really nice from the water. With the tiny aqua bus we went to see the Granville public market. There you find dishes and drinks from around the world. You could even find the good old german Mettwurst sausage and REAL bread (everyone who went to Germany before knows what I´m talking about). If you explore a city with us you have to accommodate that we sometimes just need 5 minutes for a sight like this, but then spend 10 minutes right in front of this building to get the size difference of a pigeon and a seagull in one photo.

To sum it up, Vancouver is a really nice city… when the weather is right. We also picked up Conor for the next 2 days, because he wanted to spend time with us before he flies back to Australia. ;-)

The way from Vancouver to Whistler is the famous „from Sea to Sky“- Highway. As its name implies the Highway is right next to the ocean and goes up the mountains. A breathtaking view… if the weather is right… Thats why we could just vaguely perceptible the nice view. Whistler was scene of the Winter Olympics in 2010 and is the typical ski resort. Also famous for hiking and climbing in the summer. But when its rainy and foggy not necessarily worth visiting for a whole day.

Thats how our west coast road trip ends. Almost exactly where it started. Now we are heading to Kamloops and Banff. The winter season is starting and we don’t want to miss that… because the next adventure is coming…
More photos here .

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