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English is not our native language. But because of our english speaking friends and all the people we met on the road we will try to translate. We do our best so please be patient. :)

A whole weekend without working…
Something that was normal just a few months back is now a real highlight for us. Of course we had to make use of this free weekend and on Vancouver Island there is sooo much to discover. Our car packed up to the roof, we started our trip with Camila and Henrique, heading west. - to Tofino.

If you ask locals, Tofino is THE place you HAVE TO visit. Indeed there are a lot of tourists, but with perfect waves for surfing and gorgeous landscapes. And a really nice and relaxed town where everything runs a little slower.

We decided to go camping with our friends. Between Tofino and Ucluelet you can find beautiful campgrounds right next to the beach, or in the middle of the rain forest… and then there is our campground… right next to the airport. But we learn from our mistakes. Next time we (or Jana) will book earlier. :-)

The tent was built quickly and with good company, Smores and a campfire. We could even imagine hearing the ocean. Around 3am the ocean rush was getting louder and louder - rain.
Me personally (Leni) think there is nothing better then the sound of the rain, when you are cozy in your tent. But there is just one problem. The tent has to be waterproof… As you can surely imagine, around 5am our tent was fully flooded. But at first we didn't even notice, on our awesome mattresses. Quite different from Henrique, who woke up together with his sleeping bag in a big puddle. Like a true gentleman he didn't say a word until we woke up. Before breakfast we tried our tent as good as we could, but even after it wouldn't stop raining. The question was, what to do with such a rainy day at the ocean? We decided to explore the area by car.
Around lunchtime we could almost walk a nice trail dry-shod. The landscapes are spectacular. The old rain forests and the forbidding coastline with theses endless appearing sand beaches.

After another rainy night, although we almost stayed dry, we finally went surfing. For around 40 Dollars you get a neoprene suit and a surfboard for 6h, quite cheap. The fun factor is definitely high, even though we have no experience at all!! The name of the game was learning by doing. All in all an awesome day and we would absolutely recommend it.

To sum up, we can say that Tofino and surroundings are totally worth seeing, even when the weather is not perfect. In the summertime you should definitely book a campground early enough. 2 days was not enough, but the good thing is, the next adventure is waiting.
Here you find more photos.

Budget per Person: 120 Dollar
Gas: 15 Dollar
Campground: 30 Dollar
Surfing: 30 Dollar
Food: 45 Dollar

Jana und Leni