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English is not our native language. But because of our english speaking friends and all the people we met on the road we will try to translate. We do our best so please be patient. :)

It was a long summer...
Camp Qwanoes was an exciting time for us. We experienced so much, we could write another blogpost all about our work there. We are thankful to God for all the adventures and memories we have made in the last 3 months. Like the Challenge Course, which is not just a challenge for the children, driving and filming in the boat, waterskiing, sleepless nights, bad coffee, night games, cleaning toilets, surfing, lots of responsibility, challenging kids, concerts and new friendships.
When you are working so close with other people and spend so much time together, you grow close with each other. At a place like Qwanoes you meet friends for life. Camila and Anna are exactly friends like this. Right from the beginning we took the temperamental Latina an the twirly Canadian into our hearts. Sometimes it just matches and we had an awesome time together. And we can’t wait to see you again.

But first we make our way to Hope, a sort of a promising name.
We are going to work for 10 days in an adventure camp, so you see, the next adventure is waiting…

Jana und Leni